The Instructional Model


Dr. Nabil Abdelfattah teaching four sites simultaneously.
Photo: Stephen Hunts


  Students and TA in an interactive Arabic   

  language session at MSU.
  Photo: Stephen Hunts

The program offers two years of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic. In the first year, students at Network institutions receive instruction from a qualified Arabic Professor through interactive video technology supplemented by Teaching Assistants located at each site. The second year of instruction is offered through an articulated study abroad option.

Year I On Campus
The interactive video classrooms permit immediate, two-way communication between the Professor and students at each participating university. The TAs, trained through a Network TA Training Program, provide additional classroom instruction to complement the interactive video sessions. The Network is also linked through asynchronous instructional software that increases student access to

the Professor, and enhances communication

between the lead Professor and TAs.

The program uses the national standard

Arabic text book Al-Kitaab.







Year II On Campus or Study Abroad Option

  Students at Alexandria Centre for    

  Languages (ACL), Egypt.

Students completing the first year may continue their Arabic studies through the Network using the same model as Year I, or students may opt for a semester or academic year of study abroad. The USADLN has two study abroad options, one at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco or Alexandria Centre for Languages in Alexandria, Egypt.

Al Akhawayn University-Ifrane, Morocco

Al Akhawayn, located in the Middle Atlas Mountains near the ancient city of Fes, teaches Modern Standard Arabic courses that are carefully integrated with the Year I program. Other academic subjects are taught in English based on the U.S. curricular model. Students continue their Arabic studies, live in a safe and enjoyable Arabic language environment, and make progress on their home institution degree programs.

Alexandria Centre for Languages (ACL)-Alexandria, Egypt

The Alexandra Centre for Languages offers specialized courses in Arabic as a foreign language.  ACL's mission is to deliver high quality student-oriented instruction in Modern Standard Arabic as well as Colloquial Egyptian Arabic.  Instructors are highly qualified with extensive experience in foreign language instruction.  The Centre provides different modes of instruction: tutorials for individual students, language and culture courses for groups of university students, and language services for government officials and researchers. 

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